Sunday, December 2, 2012

Key Issues #1: Detectives Comics #27

This is my first in a to be continued series on key comic book issues. What is a key issue? Generally a comic book issue is "key" if it introduces a new or major character or offers a milestone event in an established characters story (wedding, death of "x", etc.)

Detective Comics was a publication of National Allied Publications (see also: Detective Comics Incorporated, National Comics, All-American Publications, National Periodical Publications and DC Comics) the first issue was released in March of 1937. The anthology title was popular, but never more so then after the May 1939 issue was released.

What was so special about the May 1939 issue? The May issue introduced a new character (one of the neccesary ingredients in the "key" formulae) written by Bill Finger, with cover art and illustrations by a comic book legend; Mr. Bob Kane. That character as I'm sure you've guessed by now is of course "The Bat-Man".

Being an anthology with "64 Pages of Action", surprising to some, only about 6 pages were dedicated to the Caped Crusader. (1) The story while brief introduces us to Bruce Wayne, Commisioner Gordon and The Bat-Man himself. On the heels of a set of gruesome murders Bat-Man uses his detective skills to discover the perp and put an end to his dastardly deeds.

The Bat-Man would prove so popular that by 1940 he would get his own title (minus the hyphen), with Batman #1 released that spring. A copy of Detective Comics #27 will only set you back around 1+ million dollars in Very Fine condition or better (Overstreet suggests 88,000+  for the same, but as always demand sets price.) There are reprints available that will set you back considerably less than the million dollar or more price tag of this key issue. I suggest if interested you look into a trade paperback collection, as most of us don't have that kind of change just lying around. (2)

There are many key issues in the more than 70 years since Mr. Wayne's alter ego was introduced to the world, and in time we will explore them together. Until next time kiddos, see you same blog time, same blog channel!!

1.Kane, Bob, and Bill Finger. "The Bat-Man." Detective Comics. 27th ed. Vol. 1. New York: National Allied Publications, 1939. 1. Print.

2.Crain, Dale. Ed. Dan DiDio. Ed. Batman Chronicles Vol. 1. New York, NY: DC Comics, 2005. Print.
This is a nice place for an entry level reader to begin a journey with Batman, the mutiple collected volumes house every edition of this comic beginning with Detective #27. MSRP is $ 14.99, U.S.


  1. Found your blog interesting. Would like to see some stuff about my personal favorite Sgt. Rock! Keep up the good work!!!

    1. You may have noticed the background is Sgt. Rock himself. Thank you, and I will certainly post about Easy Co. in the near future.